The Animator’s Way of Surviving the Crisis

An animator tries to convince his wife that he has a feasible strategy to survive the financial crisis.

Animated shortfilm by Markus Wende
2D digital : 5’01“ : b/w : 16/9 : 1080p/25fps : Stereo : Germany 2009 german dialogues, english subtitles
screening formats: digital Betacam, Betacam SP

Director: Markus Wende
Story, Animation, Realisation: Markus Wende
Voice Actors: Elli Fritze and Matthias Ransberger
Guest Animators: Stefanie Bokeloh, Ulf Grenzer and Jan Utecht
Sound Design And Music: Michael Stapper
Voice Recording: Enrico Baitz – Tonbüro Berlin
Subtitle Translation: Jakob Schmidt
Inspiration And Discussion: Karla Schmidt and Christina Schindler

About the film
Facing the impending financial crisis, an animator and his wife start arguing about their financial situation. Technically, “The Animator’s Way of Surviving the Crisis“ accomplishes a 100% reproduction of traditional animation techniques – a digital movie with the special magic of pencil and paper. It describes the dilemma that media creators have to face in these times of crisis: Even though they are trained to work creatively at their computer around the clock, they may find themselves totally helpless when practical skills are required. In a crisis, what does a person have to offer who is well versed in nothing but the use of pen and paper?! The romantic ideal imagines the artist to reach top form when faced with a crisis. but reality looks quite different … „The Animator’s Way of Surviving the Crisis“ depicts the contradiction between romantic ideal and grim reality in a humorous way. Again and again, the art of drawing becomes the focal point of the narrative, being advertised as magic bullet against every problem. This ideal becomes increasingly absurd and lacks any foundation in reality – in much the same way in which this film is not really drawn with a pen or on paper. Nevertheless, the end shows a clear tendency to trust in the power of creativity to overcome real obstacles.


Other Screenings

  • 2009, July 17th: Special Animation Show at „Hochschultag, HFF Potsdam Babelsberg“
  • 2009, June 28th: Public Team Premiere, Kino Arsenal, Berlin
  • 2009, June 16th: Private Screening at „Tricktisch No. 41“, Z-Bar, Berlin
  • 2009, February 19th: Sneak Preview (Test Screening), Babylon Mitte, Berlin